Italian government announces natural wine inquiry

The image below and following text (translation mine) are from a post by Giovanni Corazzol that appeared today on the popular Italian wine blog Intravino.

italian government natural wine

“The meaning of ‘natural wine’ must be clarified. Many bottles are labeled as such and they have invaded the Italian market. It’s a definition that, until today, has been self-regulated and it creates the risk of disorienting consumers and penalizing winemakers.”

With these words, Massimo Florio, a member of [the Italian parliament’s] Chamber of Deputies and vice president of the [Italian government’s] agriculture commission, announced an inquiry into the question [of natural wines].

I’m posting from the road today and don’t have time to translate the entire article. The government announcement has already sparked a thorny debate in Italian-language social media. I’ll post translated excerpts as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Italian government announces natural wine inquiry

  1. in Europe we have a law of organic wines, this is the insurance for consumers (to be certifiched must respect law and be under control) all the info in a wine label are under the law. in order to write Barolo you must respect the law of Barolo. law can be better and we must work for this but we have to respect the consumer.
    today “natural” is a fashion and to many people whant to show this whitout any control (…………) but there is no law about it, so is forbitten to wrote.

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