The most talked about wine in Texas

ca dei zago

Posting on the fly and from the road today but just wanted to share my note on this Prosecco Col Fondo, the Ca’ dei Zago, the first to make it to Texas.

Everyone — EVERYONE — in Texas seems to be talking about it: sommeliers and wine buyers from Houston to Austin have been asking me about it via text and on the Facebook etc.

I had the chance to taste it last night with one of the most dynamic wine bloggers I’ve ever met (more on him and our meeting later) and we were both thrilled by the wine.

The first tasting descriptor that came to mind was one that Italians like to use for wines like this: sapido, meaning sapid or flavorful. The wine had that great saltiness that lees aging can impart to Glera grapes and it was balanced by the classic sour green note that Prosecco has when it’s made in a traditional and transparent style.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Prosecco Col Fondo — doubled-fermented-in-bottle, lees-aged, and undisgorged Prosecco — is going to be the next big thing in Italian wine. And I’m thrilled to see that a Col Fondo has finally made it to Texas.

Alfonso wrote a great post on his recent visit to Proseccoland, including notes from his tasting at Ca’ dei Zago.

And here’s a link to a Col Fondo tasting that was organized for Tracie P and me a few years ago in the village of Rolle by my friend Riccardo Zanotto.

Okay, gotta run now! More later!

6 thoughts on “The most talked about wine in Texas

  1. My dear friend Jeremy, i am so happy to hear that at least one of us made it in Texas and i am also happy to know that this wine belongs to a friend of mine! Cristian is a very good guy and I really enjoy his Colfondo and I hope this will be the beginning of a higher quality of Colfondo around the world!

    • Luca, now we need to get some Bele Casel here! STAT! I’ve never met Cristian but he seems like a super cool dude and his wines are great. You, more than anyone, know how connected I feel to wines like yours and his and how much I love them. :)

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