Lila Jane’s first weekend at home

lila jane july 28

At 7:23 this evening, our beautiful, precious Lila Jane will be one week old.

All things considered, we’ve had a relatively serene first week at home with her.

Nursing is going really well and she should easily regain her birth weight by next Monday (an important milestone in gauging the success of breast feeding).

little toes

Tracie P has been doing a great job of nourishing her: at this point, she feeds “on demand” and Tracie P is a 24-hour latteria (dairy bar).

Daddy can’t do much but try to keep the two of them as comfortable as possible and so these days I’m on kitchen duty (last night’s dinner: carne asada, eggplant rounds fried in extra-virgin olive oil, romaine and radicchio chioggiotto salad, and white rice cooked in chicken stock with Parmigiano Reggiano folded in) and I’m in charge of Georgia P’s recreation schedule.

Yesterday morning found us at Central Market park, climbing up and down (and up and down) the stairs.

And yesterday afternoon after lunch, we visited the Austin Children’s Museum, which really isn’t a museum at all. But it is a wonderful video-free haven for parents: its many rooms/spaces are filled with child-safe toys and activities that engage the children and encourage them to interact with one another.

We had a blast (and I highly recommend it)…

Understandably, Georgia P is still having some trouble adjusting to our new family dynamic and the attention we need to devote to Lila Jane during this tender, delicate period in her life, when all she does is nurse, poop/pee, and sleep.

But Friday morning, when she and I got back from our visit to the playground, she ran up to Lila Jane’s swing and said “hi.”

Then she paused and said, “baby” (which she pronounces bébé).

And then came an “I love you” that brought tears to our eyes as we watched on.

I’m so proud of Georgia P and even in the wake of some tough emotional moments, she never loses her ability to bounce back with her signature sparkle that makes me fall in love over and over again.

love of my life

Thanks everyone for all the texts, emails, cards, and wishes on social media. It’s so wonderful to know that your rooting for us and that you share our joy.

6 thoughts on “Lila Jane’s first weekend at home

  1. we love you too, 2B! georgia is so lucky to have such an active and involved Daddy. and i’m lucky to have such a helpful husband! sweet post :)

  2. That’s a great lookin’ baby. And Georgia P is looking like an old pro on the stairs. Have to tell you, I was tickled to see you having lunch and drinking beautiful Nebbiolo with one of my favorite customers, Carl, at Il Buco Alimentari. Great guy. Warmest wishes to you and the family!

    • aw shux, thanks man!

      Carl is awesome… I didn’t get as much of a chance to talk to him as I would have liked (because of seating really). But that’s just an excuse to open more Nebbiolo, right?

      thanks for the kind words John and thanks for all the support over these last years… Look at us now! :)

  3. Jeremy … Congratulations on the birth of your second child!! It’s been wonderful following the story through your frequent posts. It occurred to me that both your children, years from now, will be able to read through your posts and experience the whole time through your eyes.

    I look forward to seeing you in LA on your next visit. I offered to Steve S. to have him and his family over to our house for dinner something soon. I’d love to time it with your next visit so you and Steve have some socializing time. Your can wine pair my menu!!

    Thanks!! Joe

    Joseph Becci 323-839-0611

    • thank you, Joe! Looking forward to seeing you in September in LA.

      I hope my daughters will enjoy reading about what our lives were like when they came into this world. And more than anything, that’s what my — our — blog is about: a document of our lives, how we lived and loved, what we ate and drank, the songs we sang and the thoughts that passed through our minds… thanks for being here… abbraccio

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