Our palates, ourselves: I’m speaking at a California wine dinner next Tues.

palmaz vineyards

It’s become something of a running joke at Tony’s in Houston, where I curate the restaurant’s online presence and speak occasionally at wine dinners: let’s find a California wine that Jeremy will drink…

Usually, Tony (who’s become a good friend) invites me to speak when he wants to open flights of Bartolo Mascarello and Quintarelli for his guests. I’ve even presided over the occasional vertical of Gaja’s Brunello di Montalcino.

But next Tuesday, I’ll be talking about wines like Linn, Pisoni, and Palmaz (above).

My palate, myself: I’m trying to expand my sensorial lexicon, with a little help from my friends.

Here are details and reservation info.

Over the weekend, I’ll be brushing up on my California knowledge by perusing my favorite Napa Vally-centric blog, Vinsanity.

Its author, Vinogirl, took this amazing photo on Wednesday. How’s that for terroir?

red lizard napa

6 thoughts on “Our palates, ourselves: I’m speaking at a California wine dinner next Tues.

  1. The only one I know is Pisoni; definitely not my style, or yours, either, I’m thinking. Pinots from Santa Lucia Highlands are heavy, ripe, and high in alcohol. No delicacy. You can only find Pinots that I would drink on the Sonoma Coast, within six miles of the Pacific.

    • that’s one of the most amazing photos that’s appeared on your ever amazing blog. And it is, indeed, my number-one go-to for navigating Napa… love your blog…

  2. Napa is the most famous for American wine making but Temecula wineries also produce an incredible red. Don’t overlook all of the Californian wines in your presentation and good luck!

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