Nascetta CORRECT pronunciation by Valter Fissore

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When it came to the correct pronunciation of the ampelonym (and enonym) Nascetta (nahs-CHET-tah), it seemed only right to turn to the man who has done more than anyone else to revive and respark this once popular grape from Piedmont, Valter Fissore of the Elvio Cogno winery in Novello (Langa).

Click here for a post devoted to Nascetta and Valter and the story behind his work to bring this noble (imho) grape back into the fold of Langa winemaking. In it, he explains the origins of the name (and I reference some historic documents to give context).

Nascetta became a Langhe DOC in 2010, Valter told me. And beginning in 2011, it became possible to designate the wine with the subzone [Nascetta di] Novello (where the grape variety has historic origins). Valter only began using the subzone designation with the 2012 vintage (he ascribed the delay to “technical reasons”).

I have a lot to tell about our visit and tasting at Vinitaly 2013. But for the moment, I’d like to set the record straight on how to pronounce this wonderful, age-worthy white (I have a vertical in my cellar of Valter’s Nascetta going back to 2007).

Note that an Italian speaker not familiar with the grape variety will pronounce it nah-SHEHT-tah. But the correct Langarola pronunciation, as per the above video, is nahs-CHEH-tah. (Because the grape is only cultivated in Langa, I believe that the dialectal name is the correct form to use.)

More to come…

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