A DOC/G resource and fascinating historic document on Prosecco @ItalianWineGuy @Bele_Casel

italian wines 1960sAlfonso’s English-language posts on the evolving state of Italian DOCGs remain the top resource for the most up-to-date list of officially sanctioned and guaranteed appellations in Italy.

I highly recommend it to you (and his excellent blog in general).

This morning I came across a DOC/G resource that I’d never seen before and wanted to share it here.

It’s called QuattroCalici.it (Four Chalices). Although it’s cumbersome and a bit clunky, it is a fantastic Italian-language resource for the DOC/G system and includes dates of creation and amendments as well as links to overviews for each disciplinare (appellation regulation). I’m not sure if it’s as up-to-date as Alfonso’s list but I’ve found it to be really useful.

Here’s the link.

It appeared in a Google search this morning as I was looking for historic information on the Prosecco DOC/G.

I was working on a post for winemaker Luca Ferraro’s blog, where I have posted my transcription of an excerpt from a wonderful and fascinating document entitled “A Description of Venetian Wines Given by Professor Italio [sic] Cosmo at a Cafe Royal Italian Tasting, 1959.”

This delicious nugget has been gleaned from T.A. Layton’s Wines of Italy (1961).

Here’s the link.

Buona lettura!

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