Trinchero Barbera censored by greedy California fascist thugs

sutter home trinchero

The Trinchero family no longer prints its name on labels bound for the U.S.

La reproduction interdite…

When my friend and client Jeff showed me the new label for Trinchero Barbera d’Asti Superiore (2006 vintage) last night, I thought to myself, either he is playing a practical joke on me or this is a work of surrealist art.

As if plucked from a painting by Magritte or a fountain by Duchamp, a confident label stood before me (above), austere and elegant in its ensemble, yet marred by a glaring omission: A gaping space at the label’s center was bare, unavoidably and inexplicably innominate and anonymous…

Click here to read my post today for the Houston Press on how fascist thugs from California winery group Sutter Home forced the Trinchero family to remove their surname from their label.

2 thoughts on “Trinchero Barbera censored by greedy California fascist thugs

  1. This is indeed a sad case, but not unusual in the realm of corporate greed. I recall a few years back when the Gallo brothers (Earnest and Julio) sued their own brother for producing cheese under the Gallo name . . .guess who won that one?
    The bigger issue is how Americans can consume the God awful wines made by Sutter Home and the like, making them such successful mega-businesses. I guess those of us who like hand-crafted, small production wines should be thankful that we have those producers to ourselves. Thanks for posting this information.

  2. Didn’t Gallo years ago make sure that Chianti Classico could not use Gallo Nero anywhere on their label? (Gallo ironically now sell there own Chianti Classico) The 300 case ‘L Franc Bandit, Paolo DeMarchi’s elegant Cab Franc from his estate in Lessona received a cease and disit order from Bandit wines in CA. It is no longer available as a result.


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