Georgia P’s first election & why her parents vote for Obama

On Friday, we took Georgia P to vote at a nearby mall in early voting.

She’s a very social little girl and she loves being out and about and people watching (especially when the people are standing in line; she loves lines).

As owners of a small business (my wine and restaurant industry marketing consulting gigs) and parents of a ten-month old girl, the result of this presidential election will have a greater (and more direct and more immediate) effect on us than any before.

As long as I live, I’ll never forget the day that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act and Georgia P, Tracie P, and I watched the president address the nation on television.

I wrote in my blog:

    From the time I became an adult in the eyes of the law to the time I filed my dissertation at UCLA in 1997 at thirty years of age, I was a student and was covered thanks to my affiliation with the university. But when I moved to New York and ultimately became a freelance translator and writer, affordable health insurance became a challenging personal issue for me: even in the toughest of times (like the years that followed the tragedy of the World Trade Center and the more recent financial crisis), health insurance was a luxury that I simply could not do without, lest my family be burdened with the cost of my care in the case I fell ill.

    I’m fortunate to enjoy good health. And thanks be to G-d, Tracie and Georgia P are both healthy as well.

    But now that I am a father and a business owner who insures his whole family, including our dear Georgia P, the news of the Supreme Court decision bolsters my hope that our daughter will grow up in a more “human” United States of America.

    I thought that I was going to cry when the president said that insurers will no longer be allowed to deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions and that they will no longer be able to charge women more for coverage simply because they are women.

Affordable and guaranteed health care and women’s reproductive rights are among the top issues being decided in today’s votes. Both will affect our daughter as she adolesces and becomes an adult American.

But the greater and over-arching issue that makes me a democrat is my desire for our daughter to grow up in a country where humanity and human dignity are paramount in our nation’s ethos.

Do we personally need affordable health care? No, we don’t: every month we pay for health insurance that provides us with excellent care. Do we need government entitlements? No, we don’t: even in leanest times, we live comfortably thanks to our ability to make a living.

No, we don’t need any of those things. We’re doing great.

But our country does. Our nation — our fellow citizens who share our birth right — does.

And as Georgia P smiles, laughs, plays, hugs, eats, and farts, unaware that we have been blessed by a family who loves us and our modest prosperity, she needs to grow up in a country where taking care of our less fortunate sisters and brothers is a civic duty embraced by every citizen for the greater good of all — including a little Texan who came into this world ten months ago.

Thanks for reading and please vote for Barack Obama for President.

8 thoughts on “Georgia P’s first election & why her parents vote for Obama

  1. Beautiful post. It’s incredibly sad and frustrating when I see people working hard, often in the kind of jobs many of us don’t want to do, who suffer because of the inability to get affordable health insurance. From one small business owner to another- Salut!

    • Andy, thanks for being here and thanks for the comment. We’re so lucky and blessed to enjoy prosperity. But there are so many hard-working people in our community who struggle, despite their hard work and honesty. Thanks and so glad that you and family are part of our lives. :)

  2. I wish it were all about hard work, integrity and trying to enjoy prosperity. Small businesses aren’t at the top of anyone’s list but the choice today is stark and important in all ways – women’s rights, health insurance, immigrants rights, the environment, FEMA, the Supreme court. I’m so nervous today that I feel it’s appropriate to start drinking now :). Nice post and as always, a lovely photo of your ladies.

  3. Yikes, I love your wine knowledge and enjoy this site, but I could not disagree more. Obama has saddled all of our “little ones” with crushing debt as far as the eye can see. That’s “humane?”

    The implication that the A. Care Act is the only solution (rammed through during the middle of the night) to solve our health care crisis is naive at best, absurd at worst. Moreover, the implication that democratic control is the only path to a “humane,” “human” USA shows what little you know… Don’t disagree on the merits of policy and competing ideas, instead paint the “other party” as uncaring and dumb. Sad, sad, sad… Especially when the electorate is split down the middle. Among the some odd 120 million votes, roughly half, or 58 million did not vote for Obama. If you think they are all dumb, uncaring or bigoted you definitely have been drinking too much Italian vino.

    Ignorance is bliss,

    Xavi Smith. Visiting friends in So Cal, but live in San Leandro, Ca.

    p.s. I bet you don’t post this. :-)

    p.s.s. I enjoy your postings, and will continue to do so, keep up the good work.

    p.s.s.s. The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Think about it.

    • Xavi, everyone is welcome here. Thanks for the kind words about the blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      We’re very fortunate, thanks to the support of our family and our prosperity. We don’t need to rely on government help (and we’ll probably pay more for our health insurance when the ACA comes fully into effect; but that’s okay).

      But what if something happened to us and our family (G-d forbid) and Georgia P were on her own? I hope our nation — our sisters and brothers and shareholders in our birth right — wouldn’t turn its back on her.

      And for the neediest among us, I’m happy to pay more for my health insurance.

      In any case, glad to see you here and you’re always welcome to express your opinions here…


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