Georgia P reacts to health care ruling

For as long as I live, I’ll never forget the moment I heard that the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care reform and I’ll never forget watching President Obama address the nation on CNN with our baby girl.

From the time I became an adult in the eyes of the law to the time I filed my dissertation at UCLA in 1997 at thirty years of age, I was a student and was covered thanks to my affiliation with the university. But when I moved to New York and ultimately became a freelance translator and writer, affordable health insurance became a challenging personal issue for me: even in the toughest of times (like the years that followed the tragedy of the World Trade Center and the more recent financial crisis), health insurance was a luxury that I simply could not do without, lest my family be burdened with the cost of my care in the case I fell ill.

I’m fortunate to enjoy good health. And thanks be to G-d, Tracie and Georgia P are both healthy as well.

But now that I am a father and a business owner who insures his whole family, including our dear Georgia P, the news of the Supreme Court decision bolsters my hope that our daughter will grow up in a more “human” United States of America.

I thought that I was going to cry when the president said that insurers will no longer be allowed to deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions and that they will no longer be able to charge women more for coverage simply because they are women.

It’s still mind-boggling to me: we were the only rich country in the world that had yet to embrace a policy of universal coverage.

What a momentous day to hold our sweet baby in my arms and to change her diaper. What a glorious day for America.

I voted for Obama in 2008 and I’ll vote for him in November. I hope that you’ll do the same.

G-d bless the President and G-d bless America.

10 thoughts on “Georgia P reacts to health care ruling

  1. I’ll be opening something special tonight to toast this. It’s pretty clear our current system isn’t working and some of the changes the ACA has are really going to help people.

  2. I’ve had to provide my own health insurance since 1984 and have lived in constant fear that I might get a “pre-existing condition” that would cause my health care to reach stratospheric pricing (like several of my friends …. it can be financially crippling). Amen, Jar!

  3. Completely agree. I did weep when Obama said those words. A new day, hopefully we will all help to make sure no one (read Romney) can repeal the decision.

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  5. You are so funny. Supreme court struck down the mandated expanse of Medicade so no health care for you just an added tax. So less money for you and your struggle filled life. I’m sure they will give your money to someone more deserving.

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