first Alba truffles of the year @TonyVallone

I snapped this photo today at lunch at Tony’s in Houston, the first Alba truffles I’ve seen this year.

Tony — my friend and client — talked about how the truffles are arriving early this year because of drought conditions over the summer in Italy.

There is no food in the world with a greater aura. (Does anyone get my Latin paronomasia?)

4 thoughts on “first Alba truffles of the year @TonyVallone

  1. actually truffles are late this year because of the drought, according to folks here in Alba. There is also huge talk of truffles coming in at night from Croatia and being sold world wide as Alba white truffles. Be careful, they may be good, but they may not be made in Italy.

  2. I second Alfonso. I went truffle hunting this last month in Colli Tortonesi (almost all ‘Alba’ truffles come from there) and south of Siena. No dice. I’ve never heard Croatia, Romania, on the other hand, provides some ridiculous high proportion of those ‘local’ porcini and truffles in Italy.

  3. Aura, from breeze, as they magically, out of the air, appeared, these truffles? Or is this a Tuber instead on Viagra reference? Or are you referring to the illegal truffle trade via overnight airfreight? Am I gonna have to bust out Naturalis Historia? Sorry, Friday I have more questions than answers.

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