My photo in Forbes and 90 Quintarelli Recioto Riserva tonight @TonyVallone

Stranger things have happened: last week Forbes contacted me asking if they could use a photo (above) from the blog for the magazine.

Here’s the link to the piece.

The image comes from my of the “most memorable meals” of 2011, a dinner in the restaurant of my friend and client Tony Vallone.

Here’s the link to my post on the repast, wherein 98 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo, 98 Quintarelli Amarone, and 90 Quintarelli Bandito (!!!) were all consumed with great joy.

Tonight at Tony’s, we’ll be opening the 90 Quintarelli Recioto Riserva: I’ll be speaking about the wines at a dinner for forty persons.

Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “My photo in Forbes and 90 Quintarelli Recioto Riserva tonight @TonyVallone

  1. @Jeremy – sorry for commenting such old piece, vacations made my to-be-read list very long.

    I think Vinogril asked important question. It reminded me Jo’s article:

    It’s understandable when it comes to scientists and some kind of internal use purposes. But hey! We’re talking about pro publisher, it’s Forbes.

    You won’t get fortune thanks to the one photo, but they should pay, to know, you’re valuable person, you have access to certain wines/people=you can make picture which they need.

    • Maciek, thanks for checking in and weighing in. I agree with you: we live in a world where the Goliaths of media often prey on the Davids. I once found a photo of mine in the Atlantic Monthly! No shit! In the case of the Forbes piece, I really just wanted to help my friend and client Tony. Sometimes friendship trumps commerce (and the commercial value of my intellectual property). I was a little ticked that they didn’t give me credit and/or a link. But again, I was just happy to help Tony (not that he needs my help). Thanks for keeping up with the blog. :)

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