California, I’m coming home… @SottoLA @NousNonPlus

You can catch me as Dr. Jekyll tomorrow night (Weds. Feb. 8) at Sotto in Los Angeles where I’ll be working the floor pouring and talking about wine or you can catch me as Mr. Hyde (aka Cal d’Hommage) on guitar with Nous Non Plus on Thurs. in San Diego, Fri. in SF, or Sat. in LA.

Ever since I was a child (when I lived and grew in California), the song has had a profound meaning for me… Nostalgia and longing played out in falsetto and dulcimer… Will you take me as I am?

This time around the song has a whole new meaning as Tracie P bundle up our “little green” Georgia P for her first trip to meet her California family and see where her daddy grew up. Just the thought of her seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time fills my heart with a joy that I could never have imagined before she came into our lives…

California I’m coming home
I’m going to see the folks I dig
I’ll even kiss a sunset pig
California I’m coming home

Oh California I’m coming home
Oh make me feel good rock n roll band
I’m your biggest fan
California, I’m coming home

Will you take me as I am?

Photo by the amazing Nichols family.

5 thoughts on “California, I’m coming home… @SottoLA @NousNonPlus

  1. Nearly made me cry. I first heard that song, if you can believe this, in 2003 on my first trip to France. I know, weird but my mother was not a fan I guess. I remember being terrified, unsure what I was doing on that trip, gone from home for 25 days. I was sitting silent in the backseat of the van and that song came on….didn’t nearly cry that time, couldn’t stop the tears. Trip changed my life and I now have that song on my ipod.

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