How much does an Italian speeding ticket cost?

speedy ticket italy costIt finally happened to me: yesterday I received a snail mail from a rental car agency in Italy informing me of an administrative fee ($50!) they had charged me for a forthcoming speeding ticket from the Italian police.

They sent me a copy of the ticket but not the final fee. I’ve surmised that I will be charged a penalty for paying late (if you pay after 60 days from when the citation was issued, you are assessed a fine; you get a 30 percent discount if you pay with five days, it says).

I’ve done a lot of driving in my life. Between touring with bands and traveling for wine work, I’ve clocked a lot of miles over the years.

I’m an extremely cautious and defensive driver and I make a point of never speeding — even in Italy (just ask Giovanni or Paolo). The last time I got a speeding ticket I was 19 years old (nearly thirty years ago!).

But back in May of this year, a speed camera captured me over the limit in a little town in Tuscany. I must not have noticed that I had entered a 50 km per hour zone.

In looking around the internets this morning for information on Italian speeding tickets and fines, I found this page of the Italian State police site (those are the police who drive blue cars and where blue shirts as part of their uniforms).

But the information hasn’t been updated since new (higher) fines went into effect in January of this year.

The best and most recently updated page I could find was this one on an Italian legal blog.

Here’s my English summary of the fines relative to the speed over the limit.

Up to 10 km/h over the speed limit: €41 with a 30 percent increase if the infraction is committed between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Between 11-40 km/h: €169 (and three points “subtracted” from your driving record; although I don’t how this affects foreigners).

Between 40-60 km/h: €531 (and six points subtracted; your license is suspended if the infraction is committed between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.).

More than 60 km/h: €828 (and ten points subtracted as well as suspension of your license for six to twelve months).

My ticket is in the 11-40 km/h range.

Until this time, I’ve never been issued any kind of traffic ticket in Italy. But I know that in the past, Americans often ignored the tickets.

Since Italy implemented its speeding camera network, the fines are unavoidable. Even in the case of a rental car, the ticket will reach you (as it did me).

The good news is that you can pay by wire transfer, which is actually really easy to do.

I’ll report more when I receive the actual ticket.

Hopefully, people who receive a similar notice from their rental car company will find this post useful (and helpful in reducing anxiety about having to pay a fine).

And for the record, I wasn’t driving that cute red 500 in the photo above. But it was the only image of an Italian car I could find in my archive to go with this post!

17 thoughts on “How much does an Italian speeding ticket cost?

  1. You’ll need to pay the ticket, I think, or the rental company will come after you or do something with your Credit Card.
    As for the points, they can’t add or subtract any points on a US license.

  2. Wayne, thanks for the insights. I’m definitely going to pay it. I just wish they would have sent it to me right away so I could avoid paying a late fee. Thanks for being here, as always.

    • So in a snafu for me; I tried to pay on wire transfer but the Bank details are incorrect on the form?! anyone have any resources where I can research the best way to tackle? many thanks !

  3. We got a speeding ticket but paid the discounted rate for paying within 5 days of the notice, as we received the ticket by certified mail. You have to confirm the date you received the violation notice on the emo website.

    My question – there is a separate form that says you have to send in a copy of your driver’s license and that the violation “shall lead to the withdrawal of 3 points from the driving license…” There is also something listed on this separate form about being fined if you don’t submit your license. Having never experienced this, if it is true that they can’t affect points for insurance, do we still submit the DL to be safe?

  4. I don’t understand how the Italian system works. We were driving through numerous areas with cameras and each time I had people flying by me going faster than I was (I was going no more than 5km/h over the limits). Am I going to get fines for each camera I went through? How do Italians afford all their tickets? It makes no sense as people (cars and semis) were continually going 10-25km/h past me.

    • Good point Jake. I’ve been informed by Europcar that I’ve committed a speeding offence and they’ve dinged my card an account fee of 40 Euro. I travelled on cruise control throughout my time in Italy so must have missed a speed limit sign. Awaiting the actual details; I understand it may take some time. I had loads of cars flying past me . Do they all get caught and fined?

  5. This is not reliable information, but this is what I’ve heard. If you get this kind of ticket, the rental agency will ding you for their admin fee (40 Euro or thereabouts). However, they are not allowed by law to deduct your fine from your credit card. That’s between you and the police. So, I’ve heard of people ignoring the fines, assuming there’s no real way the Italians will come after them. But what happens if you go back to Italy? Flagged on your passport? Nothing? No idea…. I doubt the car rental companies want to get involved. Anyway a subject for more exploration.

    • I have heard numerous people say that they were refused service at the rental car counter once they returned to Italy. They had been black listed for car rentals. I’m not sure which government agency does that.

      • Hmm. Would be interesting to know. I’m going to Italy next month and will rent a car. I don’t plan on speeding and won’t be on the highways for the most part anyway. But like others here have said, they seem to have received tickets for 5 km over the limit. I also know they use a system where they photograph you entering a highway and then leaving and then calculate how long it took you. If you left too soon, it must mean you were speeding and you get a ticket.

  6. Shall I pay the fine from the police or not? My fine is sitting at the post office…what happens if I don’t collect it from the post office?

  7. The part you said from 10pm to 7am. What if I go beyond speed limit by 10km/h -20km/h from 8am to 6pm will I still get a ticket from road monitor camera?

  8. Hi! I was notified by the car rental company in Vasto Italy on 18th June 2022 that I had a speeding violation on 15th April 2022. The rental company charged us €50 and email us the speeding fine letter. I was told that I will receive further documentation about the speeding fine from the police but we still haven’t received anything at our UK address. We have visited Italy since in July 2022 and have been to the police station and the post office to try to pay the fine but traffic violation letter emailed by the rental company doesn’t not state the speed or amount to pay. The QR code or the reference number is not recognised when I am trying to pay online. We are back again in Italy hoping to find a way to pay this fine. Can you please advise where we can go to request the speedibg ticket so we can pay the fine. Thank you.

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