Wine and sex…

Great title, no?

My post over at the Houston Press today is devoted to wine and sex, with references to Shakespeare, the symposia of ancient Greece, William James, and “Bacchus and Ariadne” by the Italian Baroque master painter Guido Reni, above.

What’s your favorite wine to drink before a roll (or role-play) in the hay?

Here’s the link…

3 thoughts on “Wine and sex…

  1. There is definitely something about wine that makes the sexual experience so much better. For women especially, I think. The right amount of wine relaxes the body, calms the brain and empowers the women’s erotic persona. Agree with James that alcohol stimulates the mystical faculties in human nature. Combine that with an attractive partner and you got yourself a love making session that will pleasure both, mind and body. Favorite wine for “before” would a Chilean Cab.

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