Teenage fantasy come true…

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a CD that I played on in a bin at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. That was many year ago but the thrill is always the same each time…

Tracie P snapped these photos today at Waterloo Records in Austin, one of the nation’s last independently owned record stores.

If your town doesn’t have a record store, you can buy the new record “Freudian Slip” by Nous Non Plus here (our band)…

And here’s the link to the Nous Non Plus site.

Thanks for listening!

8 thoughts on “Teenage fantasy come true…

    • Thanks, man! We are so stoked! The album debuted at #15 last week on Specialty Radio charts and we’re still waiting for our college radio numbers but we had some great playlist ads.

  1. Awesome Jeremy! I’m not even a musician, but I can image how cool it must be to see your disc in the store!

    Just watched one of the band’s videos, and wanted to know… Any chance you can set me up on a date with Celine Dijon?

  2. Thanks, Vinogirl and Wayne!

    Wayne, you can only imagine how many dudes bought me beers at shows, said “wow, you’re a great guitar player,” and then asked if I could introduce them to Céline! ha!

  3. Awesome, man! My action-packed last few months meant I completely neglected to order your latest release. How sad that the sentence “If your town doesn’t have a record store…” might even apply to New York City.

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