3 thoughts on “What to pair with Mrs. B’s Friday night lights chili?

  1. Great article. Although I usually like my Chenin blanc dry, this pairing sounds fantastic.
    Almost makes me look forward to cooler weather and my 5 alarm chili con carne paired with a Californian Zinfandel…just almost :)

  2. Love this! I think that would make a great combination. For me, the earthy spice and richness of Frito Pie -one of my all-time favorite Texas specialties- begs for something mineral and slatey, like an Alto Adige Gewurtz or a lip-smacking Riesling. And there’s always rose…. yum. French’s mustard is a new one on me, I always do jalapenos en escabeche.
    You just planted this seed in my head – that’s what I am making for watching the Longhorns tonight!

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