Doritos and Joly, inspiration for a post

I have to confess that I’ve been enjoying my contribution to the Houston Press food blog, Eating Our Words.

And although I’ve been trying to focus on under-$25 wines from all over the world (not just Italy), my wonderful editor Cathy Matusow has been very generous in giving me license to reflect on wine and how we apply it in our everyday lives.

Today’s post was inspired by a whimsical pairing of Doritos and 2000 Coulée de Serrant by Joly. Blasphemous but surprisingly meaningful in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

    What is the moral of this story? However much we need to respect the wines we drink and the winemakers who make them, I believe that wine should be folded into the rhythms of our lives without prejudice or pretension. Did I commit an act of blasphemy with my pairing? In the eyes of many, I most certainly did. But I am convinced that wine is a living and breathing being, just like us. In my view, its application should be based on an honesty of desire and not an affected and complacent reliance on bourgeois convention. Yes, there are the great pairings of Western Civilization: Muscadet from the Loire and raw oysters; Sancerre and veined cheese; Tuscan Sangiovese and porterhouse alla fiorentina; red Burgundy and duck civet; Sauternes and foie gras Fritos.

    When it comes to pairing, follow your palate and be true to your heart.

Check out the post here and thanks for reading!

In other news…

Tracie P and I are on our way to Dallas where Alfonso and I will be leading a seminar on Wine Blogging at the Texas Sommelier Conference tomorrow.

I created a blog to document the seminar and to allow participants to network. Check it out here if you would like to follow along.

It’s an epic cast this year at the conference and I’ll looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues from New York and California.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and buon weekend yall!

6 thoughts on “Doritos and Joly, inspiration for a post

  1. One criticism I sometimes hear from sommeliers is that blogs are full of misinformation. True but blogs and social media are a fascinating conversation and sommeliers have an opportunity to reach a larger audience than their restaurants. The perfect forum to share their knowledge of wine; making the conversation an even better one. I’ve been following Drew Hendricks’ new blog — high quality info from a Master Sommelier. And the 100 point scale issue currently being debated on various blogs and twitter is a really important topic. It would be great to see more sommeliers participating in that discussion.

  2. @Kimberly who doesn’t love Cheetos? ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind words. So glad when folks enjoy the blog.

    @Jesse thanks for stopping by. Always great to see you here! I’ve been following Drew’s blog and it’s great… we need more MS wine bloggers! And yes, the 100 point scale takes the soul out of wine, the people who make it, and the people who drink it. Evviva la differenza!

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