Soave and summer farro salad make a bleak world seem brighter

Tracie P really outdid herself yesterday night for our dinner, making a gorgeous summer farro salad with fresh and lightly blanched vegetables and fruits and hard-boiled egg. It’s a good thing she did because by the time dinner rolled around at our house, I was depressed.

After reading the dismal news about Italy, the economy, the fall of Western Civilization, and the riots and looting in London (one of my favorite cities on earth), I couldn’t help but think about the last market crash in 2008 and the days that followed the tragedy of the Twin Towers in 2001. Those were tough times for the wine (and restaurant) industry and I hope they are not returning in the wake of the current crisis.

But as Tracie P reminded me, no matter what happens, we’ll have each other and we’ll have Baby P when she arrives later this year. And for the first time in my life, as bleak as the world seems right now, my anxiety about the future is assuaged by Tracie P’s wonderful smile and her warm embrace — and a little girl growing inside her.

And as bad as things may look, we all found joy and solace in some of the simplest pleasure in life: a bright summer dish and a bright, fresh bottling of Garganega by Suavia.

We were also joined last night by Alfonso, who was in Austin on business. And it was great to be together, just the three four of us…

After dinner, we settled into the living room and watched Pasolini’s Decameron on Netflix streaming. And I think all of us thanked our lucky stars for the small pleasures that life delivers…

Here’s one of the most beautiful sequences from the film… Buona visione

8 thoughts on “Soave and summer farro salad make a bleak world seem brighter

  1. Jeremy, you managed to put together Giotto and Silvana Mangano, two of the most beautiful gifts that Italy gave to the world.
    The Mangano was always somehow on a different level than the Loren, Cardinale or Lollobrigida. A very elusive woman, belonging more to the moon than to the sun.
    I am very happy that you watched the film with Alfonso.
    Love to you both.

  2. @Nelle Nuvole isn’t that one of the most amazing sequences in Pasolini? And when it comes to Mangano, I have only two words: Riso Amaro… Remember? Thanks for stopping by and sending love to you in Italy…

    @Tracie P Everyone tells you how you’ll never know what the miracle of being a parent is until you become one. And we’re living it these days. You and Baby P are a miracle that I never could have dreamed of… I see the whole world in a different light now. It’s as if I’m still the same person but the world has changed… I love you, too, and know that we are truly blessed for the many miracles in our lives every day… and the fact that you are a great cook! ;)

    @Joanie so glad to see you here! :) I must agree: I am one lucky dude…

  3. Riso Amaro on her early days. Lo Scopone Scientifico much later. It shows how age improves real beauty, the same for real wines .

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