Freudian Slip, my band’s new album

It’s official: Nous Non Plus’s new album “Freudian Slip” will hit the streets on October 11, 2011 on Aeronaut Records.

It’s never easy to put out a new record and this one was no exception… but I’m thrilled with the results and very proud of the music I wrote this time around.

If you like this kinda thing, please check out the new site and please follow along on Twitter and Facebook (not that you need another feed to follow!).

I’ll be updating the Nous Non Plus site every week and once I can share some of the music, I’ll also write about the genesis and meanings of each track.

As for the title, some of you already know the role that Freud and language play and have played in my life… I’ll be writing more about that as well as the release date approaches.

My music means so much to me and there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that people enjoy it. So please have a look at the new site and learn about the more than 10-year history of the band (there’s a lot of music there, btw). It’s been a wild and wonderful ride. No regrets, Coyote!

In other news…

I’ll be speaking on Tuscan wines and breaking bread with guests tomorrow night at Vino Vino in Austin.

Click here for details.

Thanks for reading and listening…

6 thoughts on “Freudian Slip, my band’s new album

  1. @Nicolas so geeked for you to hear the new one!

    @James Would be so great to play Mercury again but I doubt it’s gonna happen anytime soon. :(

    @Tracie P someday Baby P will hear the music that we recorded and wrote for her/him… :) And someday we’ll tell her/him about when/how she/he was conceived. :) love you.

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