Best fast food ever: delicious Vietnamese sandwiches at K Sandwiches (San Diego)

Tracie P and I had a wonderful week out here in “paradise” as the natives like to call it. A relaxing vacation of summer, sun, beach, good eating, and visiting with family and friends.

We’re about to board a plane back to Austin and I just had to share one more gem we discovered on this trip thanks to a few of the super nice doormen in Mama Judy’s building. On their recommendation we visited K Sandwiches in San Diego.

People, I am here to tell you: RUN DON’T WALK! The baguette was perfectly crusty on the outside and fluffy inside. I had the K Special (above and below), gently spread with pâté and stuffed with different types of cured ham and fresh cilantro, radish, carrot, and jalapeño.

My sandwich cost less than $3 and I didn’t even begin to peruse the many blended fruit and coffee drinks, not to mention the small grocery there.

At the peak of lunch, the place was packed the whole time we were there but the sandwiches were delivered with a celerity that old McDonald himself would envy.

Value, wholesome ingredients, superb service in a sparkling clean establishment? Could be the best fast food ever.

It’s been a great week in paradise but it’s time for us to go home with armadillo. As much as I love the place where I grew up, there’s nothing like waking up on a lazy Sunday in the Groover’s Paradise and rustling up some breakfast tacos for the most beautiful lady and mama-to-be I have ever seen…

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