A 1996 oxidative Assyrtiko, brilliant!

This 96 oxydative Assyrtiko blew me away yesterday in Megalochori, Santorini where I attended a horizontal and vertical tasting of Boutari’s Assyrtiko.

With limited internets access here on the island, I’m posting by phone but I did manage to cobble together some highlights over at the Boutari blog this morning.

Looks like our trip to Crete will be postponed because of strikes. Being stranded on Santorini wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

3 thoughts on “A 1996 oxidative Assyrtiko, brilliant!

  1. These wines can be amazing if kept at proper temp.

    Nikteri tend to be bigger wines since the grapes are kept on the vine a little longer about a week, varies from a winery to winery.

    1993 best vinatge ever and Kalisti from Boutari was the best. 1989 is also amazing but needs some 1+ hour(s) decanting prior of consuming it.

  2. @Giorgos It was interesting to year Yannis talk about the wine and how he developed the style based on local traditions.

    @Eder my go-to would be aged goat cheeses… thanks for reading!

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