The 06 Dettori Romangia Vermentino just keeps on giving

One of my favorite things about the Do Bianchi Wine Selections wine club is sharing wines with the folks who buy wine from us. And one of the fringe benefits of running the program is that sometimes my clients generously open some of my favorite wines when I visit to deliver their wines.

Such was the case when Chrissa and Dan popped one of my all-time favs, the 06 Dettori Romangia Bianco yesterday evening.

Man, that wine just keeps getting better and I imagine it won’t hit its peak for another 5 to 10 years, at least. It was crunchy and salty and its acidity was nervy (as the Italian say), with dried and fresh citrus notes and even richer tones of honey than the last time I tasted this stunner…

Chrissa and Dan have begun raising their own pigs on a San Diego County farm and they treated me to some Pig Pickin’ with apple-cider Bogue sauce and corn spoon bread. The pig, I was told, was a “red wattle.” The couple have launched a home butchering educational program called Carne Knowledge and they make some mean pickles, too (from homegrown cucumbers).

Thanks again, guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE that wine…

In case you want to taste the Dettori, I have a few bottles left on my list at Sotto in Los Angeles, where I’ll be working the floor tonight and tomorrow. If you happen to be in town, please stop by…

4 thoughts on “The 06 Dettori Romangia Vermentino just keeps on giving

  1. Interesting. Thanks for the update. I’ve bought a case of the 2006 Dettori but a few bottles were revolting: murky, sour and evil. Then another crushed a 2001 Gravner amphora. But I still haven’t made up my mind about it. It’s good to have your data point.

    • Sorry to hear of your dettori woes! I’ve opened a number of bottles at home and at sotto in LA and the wine has been consistently good. Dettori can have serious bottle variation though.

      • Agree about bottle variation, but I have to say the better bottles often blow your mind. We recently had the 2001 Tuderi and 2003 Tenores and both were singing, against my expectation (the 2003 was 17% alc. and more than a bit portish but had lovely fruit).

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