Classic homey orecchiette and Sassicaia’s new enologist

You really can’t eat too many orecchiette, can you? I LOVED the classic, homey orecchiette they served us last night at the beautiful Vallone winery after we tasted a vertical of Graticiaia — the Amarone-style Negroamaro that many Apulians call “the greatest wine” from their region. The hand-rolled dumplings were dressed with a fresh tomato sauce and freshly grated ricotta salata. Delicious…

The Castello di Serranova — home to the Vallone winery and a vibrant “living” castle — was in full bloom. Gorgeous.

It was fascinating to talk with Vallone enologist Graziana Grassini (above, second from left, photo by Jedi wine blogger Ryan) who is now — news to me — the enologist at Sassicaia (since last year). She was mentored by Giacomo Tachis and I was riveted by her anecdotes about him (more on that later).

Not much time for blogging today: we tasted 60 competing wines this morning and we have another 40 to taste this afternoon before we head out to dinner this afternoon…

Stay tuned!

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