Why housemade salsa makes all the difference…

Flew in to San Diego yesterday from Texas to begin shipping and delivering wine for Do Bianchi Wine Selections and just had to stop at JV’s Mexican, just a few blocks from my warehouse, for lunch. Like all great Mexican joints, JV’s — which has been around since I was a kid — makes all of its salsas and condiments in-house.

The salsa bar = AWESOME.

They’re not kidding about the “reasonable” prices. Love this place…

Three rolled tacos — flautas — stuffed with chicken and topped with creamy guacamole and shredded cheese is just $2.25 (only 25 cents more than when I was 18 years old!). Cannot have the flautas without the horchata.

I’ve had some of the best Mexican food of my life since I moved to Texas, but, man, California will also be my number one. Love this place…

3 thoughts on “Why housemade salsa makes all the difference…

  1. @Samantha I know you know just the type of joint that JV’s is. It’s right down the block from a rock club where I had some of my first real shows as a late teen. 2 a.m. rolled tacos for 2 bux. Man, I lived on those flautas! Couldn’t live without ’em… :-)

    @Mrs. B happy birthday! Remember our rehearsal dinner at Bahia Don Bravo? That was so much fun. Can’t wait for another Johnson-Branch-Parzen So. Cal. family trip!

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