Barbaresco, fried chicken, and keyboards

Morris “Mars” Chevrolet flew in last night with his Nord and Moog and so Tracie P fried up some chicken, mashed some potatoes, and sautéed some broccoli raab and I popped a bottle of 2006 Barbaresco by Produttori del Barbaresco.

You’ve heard me say it before: I am truly blessed to have such a loving and beautiful wife, so generous in spirit, and so supportive of my music. She’s been cooking up a storm, feeding the band, and enjoying the music as we have transformed our little slice of heaven on the corner of Alegria [happiness] and Gro[o]ver into a recording studio. The fried chicken was delicious.

The 06 Produttori del Barbaresco — a wine and vintage much discussed here on the blog — was a little tight last night, even after a few hours of aeration. Seems like it’s closing up a little bit and so maybe it’s time to cellar (following its initial brightness and generosity of fruit).

But the “music is flowing… amazing… and blowing my way”… who knows the song? It’s one of my favs.

Tomrrow’s the big day with the whole outfit in the studio… and so now it’s time to get back to tracking!

3 thoughts on “Barbaresco, fried chicken, and keyboards

  1. I picked up on the “groovers paradise” re-wording…. I have 6 VIP tics to the rodeo if y’all need some for tonight. Bullet-Proof blowout.

  2. The 06’s, especially higher-end crus are gonna be tight, even for someone who likes younger wines. Why would you even go there, instead of popping something a bit older, like an 05 even! I know – you are taking one for the team – just so you could tell us how the 06 is doing :)!

  3. @Terry thanks for the offer of the Rodeo tickets! :-) we’ve been working literally 14 hours a day on music and we’re beat… today in the studio! Wish us “merde”! ;)

    @Gary PdB on release is often very approachable (like the 05 riserva right now). Then they tend to go through a “closed” period (at least in my experience). The 06s are closing down now and don’t worry: I won’t open one for another 5 years! :)

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