Nebbiolo: Grape Name Pronunciation Project


Video by Tracie P.

Aldo Vacca from Produttori del Barbaresco was in town last week and he graciously agreed to appear in the seventh episode of the Italian Grape Name Pronunciation Project. (You can read about Aldo’s Texas adventures here on Alfonso’s blog).

Thanks again to everyone for submitting videos and audio recordings of grape names. I promise I will post each and every one of them!

5 thoughts on “Nebbiolo: Grape Name Pronunciation Project

  1. See – where was this “Sesame Street for Wine Geeks” last year when I was tongue-tied on Teroldego and gagging on Gaglioppo (not literally). So what you’re saying is, Chanti is not/NOT “key-ANT-eey” like I heard the other day?

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