Don’t let the farmer know…

Don’t let the farmer know how good cheese is with pears…

So goes a bourgeois Italian expression: don’t let the proletariat know how good it is to be a member of the ruling class

Julienned pears and shredded Montasio cheese over winter greens, served with a lightly fried pancetta rasher and drizzled with olive oil, were delicious last night in the home of Daniela and Pigi Comelli.

Montasio is Friuli’s flagship cheese.

Comelli’s Pignolo (2007) was my favorite of the trip so far… Pignolo is a wildly tannic however noble grape. While most seem to vinify it in a “massive” and “muscular” style, Comelli’s was more judicious and showed nice fruit, especially when paired with roast pork loin and potatoes. Good stuff…

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