Amazing seafood and fun times in Trieste…

Before leaving for Italy, Tracie P expressed a desire to visit Trieste and so we headed there yesterday for dinner with Giampaolo Venica and wife Chiara and brother and sister prosciutto-makers Andrea and Monica d’Osvaldo to eat at the classic Ristorante al Bagatto.

The food was fantastic, the wine wonderful (Zidarich Vitovska 06 and 08, the 08 the stunner), the laughter and conversation super fun…

Now, THAT’s a fritto misto!

But when an Italian mother calls her son (in this case, Andrea), everything gets put on hold!

3 thoughts on “Amazing seafood and fun times in Trieste…

  1. How fantastic .. and just look at the Fritto Misto .. mmmmmmmmm .. I am flying to Trieste in a few months , going to stay with my cousin in Grado. I have just reunited with my cousin after 44years and she has lived in Italy ALL this time.. cannot believe it.

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