Beatles (forever) and Natural wine

Many wonderful and thoughtful gifts came my way this holiday season (including a fantastic new camera from Tracie P) but the one that took it over the top and the one that none of us can stop talking about was Mrs. and Rev. B’s gift of the complete Beatles on ITunes. (!!!)

Listening to the more than 250 tracks on our way back from Orange, Texas on the Sunday after the holiday, I remembered a cartoon I wrote when I was ten years old, “Jeremy vs. the Plastic People.” In it, I imagined myself protecting the world against the “Plastic People,” who had come to earth to cover the world in plastic. My plan of action? I drove the would-be invaders away by singing Beatles songs, poison to their ears.

Over the holiday break I took time out to fix a hole where the rain gets in: I reread “Jeremy vs. the Plastic People” and spent some time thinking about the ethos of the 1960s (I was born in 1967 during the “Summer of Love”) and how many of the values championed by the Beatles and the 60s generation resonate in our passion for “real wine,” “Natural wine” (whatever that term means to you), wines not made with a plastic spirit…

You can download the entire cartoon here (about 9 MB).

Thanks again, Rev. and Mrs. B! I LOVE MY BEATLES on ITunes… Beatles forever!

5 thoughts on “Beatles (forever) and Natural wine

  1. @Tracie P will you be “my girl” and share the milkshake with me? ;-)

    @Alfonso Movia thanks for checking it out!

    @Vinogirl sometime I’ll tell you about the time that our band opened for Ringo! yes, Ringo!

    @JT rereading that cartoon after so many years was so crazy! It’s awesome to finally have Beatles on my ITunes but I am way bummed that Please Please Me, With the Beatles, and Beatles for Sale are mixed in stereo!

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