Power of the press blog: Chianti producers vote not to allow Super Tuscans at tasting

Above: the architects of Italian unification (1861). To the far left, Count Camillo Cavour, Italy’s first prime minister, a winemaker (Piedmont). In the center, unified Italy’s first king, Vittorio Emanuele II, a winemaker (Piedmont). To the far right, Baron Betting Ricasoli, Italy’s second prime minister, a land owner and winemaker in Chianti Classico, and the father of modern winemaking in Tuscany. Ricasoli’s estate Brolio and Vittorio Emanuele’s Fontanafredda still produce commercial wine today.

Would the founding fathers of Italy believed it if you were to tell them that a blog helped save Chianti Classico?

Today, Italy’s top wine blogger, Mr. Franco Ziliani, and I posted the following news story on VinoWire, our English-language blog devoted to the world of Italian wine: “Chianti Classico producers decide not to allow Super Tuscans at debut tasting.”

What we didn’t write was that Mr. Ziliani’s previously posted editorial, in which he harshly criticized the body for its inclusion of Super Tuscans in its annual new vintage preview, was cited by numerous members in the debate that preceded the decision (whereby the body’s president announced he was retracted the option).

It’s not the first time that Mr. Ziliani — a true flagellum principum — has helped to protect and promote traditional winemaking in Italy through his blog. Chapeau bas, Franco!

The pen is… scratch that… The pen blog is mightier than the sword!

4 thoughts on “Power of the press blog: Chianti producers vote not to allow Super Tuscans at tasting

  1. beautiful post J.. love that picture, this very controversial topic reminds me of a dali quote…

    ”Don’t bother about being modern. Unfortunately it is the one thing that, whatever you do, you cannot avoid.”
    -salvador dali

    fight for the right of sangiovese

  2. It was a good thing that Franco was able to get them to change their minds. Othewise how could they tell the difference from a Super Tuscan and a Chianti Classico Riserva!

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