A new bone marrow delivery system (and a food bloggers paradise in Houston)

Last night I was invited to participate in a food bloggers summit hosted by Caffè Bello Taverna e Pizzeria in the hipster Montrose district of Houston (the newest member of the Tony Vallone family of Italian restaurants).

That’s Jedi food blogger Houston Foodie showing off his newly patented bone marrow delivery system (a straw!).

I must say that I’ve never met such a collegial (however geeky) and simpatico group of food bloggers. (And we all know how grouchy food and wine bloggers and tweeters can be!)

That’s Food Princess (above, left, my new BFF) and Bitspitter (right). Mr. Vallone and waitstaff treated the group of 10 or so bloggers to a 4-course tasting menu.

I like Tony a lot (he’s a good friend of cousin Marty) and he’s one of our country’s leading Italian restaurateurs. But the best thing about Caffè Bello (his taverna, as he likes to call it, a family-friendly unassuming Italian eatery) is that it has one our favorite wines on the list, SP68 by Occhipinti!

The rigatoni alla bolognese, everyone agreed, were cooked perfectly al dente and the bone marrow in the lamb shank? I think the photo above speaks a thousand blog posts…

2 thoughts on “A new bone marrow delivery system (and a food bloggers paradise in Houston)

  1. Hello Jeremy .. Thank you so much for you lovely comment today. I loved Cahors , wish I could of been there a bit longer, it is a fabulous place.

    Food tasting sounds heavenly, and if the photos are anything to go by, you all had a tasty treat :-) I ♥ pasta.. and Lamb Shanks too ♥

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