Friulian aquaculture, lunch on the island of Ravaiarina

The team, from left, clockwise, each a taste-maker in her or his own right: Matthew Turner (head sommlier Michael Mina, San Francisco), Steve Wildy (beverage director, Vetri, Philadelphia), Brent Karlicek (wine merchant, Postino, Phoenix), Shelley Lindgren (wine director, A16, San Francisco), Bobby Stuckey (wine director, Frasca, Boulder), Jamie Garrett (sommelier, Sonnenalp, Vail), Joe Campanale (beverage director, Dell’Anima, New York), Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson (chef, Frasca, Boulder), Mario Nocifera (director of operations, Frasca, Boulder), and Lara Persello (our handler, Turismo FVG).

This morning we departed from Grado and headed toward the island of Ravaiarina.

The antipasto.

Turbot with its brodetto and white polenta.

A classic of Friulian viticulture.

The island has its own fish farm in the form of a humanmade saltwater lagoon and the chef fishes his catch with a fishing pole as needed, like this orata (Mediterranean sea bass). Ingenious…

The fishery is perfectly attuned to the island’s aquaculture and mariculture.

La Ravaiarina
tel. 0431 845 84576

To reach the island and restaurant, you take a taxi boat from Grado.

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