Sognando Piemonte (Piedmont Dreamin’)

bricco boschis

Above: We got to drink a bottle of 2005 Barolo Bricco Boschis by Cavallotto last night. Photo by Tracie P.

As Tony Coturri told me the other day (and as Mama Judy mentions when we talk on the phone each week), California is having the coolest summer it’s had in anyone’s memory. Out here in Texas it’s H-O-T hot — not exactly what I would call “Barolo weather.”

But when our friend (and my client) Julio messaged and said he had a bottle of 2005 Barolo Bricco Boschis by Cavallotto that he wanted to share with us, we couldn’t resist.

And, man, what a treasure in this bottle. Here’s Tracie P’s tasting note: “bright cherry acidity with graphite minerality and a balance of earthiness, so balanced and savory and fruity; it just had everything in the right place…”

The wine is young and the curious thing was how generous it was with its fruit right when we opened and decanted it. But by the time we finished the bottle, it had begun to close up.

On a hot Texas summer eve, it made me dream of Piedmont and a few new-to-me destinations I can’t wait to visit when I return. Like the Museo dei Cavatappi, the Corkscrew Musuem in the town of Barolo.

paolo annoni

I was actually scrounging the interwebs for something else (for a consulting job) when I came across Paolo Annoni (above) and his amazing museum, which preserves more than 500 corkscrews from the eighteenth century to the present. As they say in Italian, this type of stuff is pane per i miei denti, literally, bread for my teeth, in other words, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.


Another destination at the top of my list is the Vinoteca Centro Storico in Serralunga. I literally drooled over my keyboard when I read about it in the excellent blog authored by McDuff, who possesses one of the palates I admire the most.

Check out his post for details. Just the thought of grower Champagne and carne cruda is enough to make the mimetic desire kick in (at 9 a.m. in the morning, I can literally feel my saliva glands working as I type). Auerbach anyone?

aaaaaaaa… Sognando Piemonte…

6 thoughts on “Sognando Piemonte (Piedmont Dreamin’)

  1. Ciao Jeremy,
    che bello leggere post sul nostro amato Piemonte!
    Ti consiglio di visitare appena ti sarà possibile la cantina di Cavallotto!(se non l’hai già fatto)
    Ormai per me è una tappa fissa delle mie escursioni langarole e tale rito nasce dal fatto che la cantina di Giuseppe,Alfio e Laura è stata la prima che ho visitato durante il mio primo viaggio nelle Langhe…poi è stato solo un continuo innamorarsi di quella terra meravigliosa,fatta di suggestioni,di uomini e di vini…mi ricordo come se fosse ieri,era una caldo pomeriggio di Giugno e camminai in mezzo alla bellissima Vigna San Giuseppe in compagnia di Giuseppe Cavallotto…adesso sono felice di avere ancora qualche bottiglia di 2001 in cantina!

  2. Ciao Jeremy, e grazie mille!

    Alright, that’s as far as I’ll go in trying to keep up with the rest of the tifosi. I’m confident you’ll love Centro Storico and I know it’s only a matter of time before you make it there. When you do, there’s no need to feel entirely bound by mimesis. After all, Alessio serves up a pretty fine selection of Baroli as well.

    PS: Should you ever find youself in the Luberon, there’s a far more than respectable collection of corkscrews on display at the Domaine de la Citadelle; their Musée du Tire Bouchon occupies the same structure as the winery. Their juice ain’t bad, either.

  3. …from the way-back machine. back in 1982 we had the 1975 for sale and it sold like hotcakes. soft tannins, mellow bodied, nice acidity (but more like a Barbaresco in my remembering). I loved the wine and it was a huge hit in Dallas and Houston and Austin. I remember selling it to Vance and Woody (de Luna) at their wine store on Congress.

    Man that was a great wine…..

  4. Had dinner with one of the Cavallatto clan at VinItaly a few years ago and he was such a great guy, very shy but engaging. Great wines.

  5. @Simone sono contento di leggerti qui! Che invidia il Barolo di Cavallotto 2001 in cantina!

    @Franco ti assicuro: è stato difficilissimo accettare l’invito! ;-) Mi ricordo benissimo quando degustato insieme ad Alfio al Vinitaly due anni fa. Devo ancora fare il post sulla nostra degustazione con Mauro, ma lo farò quando arriva il bel tempo. Grazie per il commento. Sono molto contento di leggere un tuo intervento presso Do Bianchi.

    @David man, one of these days we gotta taste together. Maybe it’ll be in Italy. Centro Vinoteca seems like it was MADE for me and Tracie P! Can’t wait to take her there.

    @Alfonso is there any great wine that you haven’t drunk? ;-) Always love to hear your insights about where these wines were before Italian wine was the rage. Thanks for the comment.

    @Justin very glad to see you here man! I know our palates are almost perfectly aligned!

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