Rev. B’s birthday and the BEST chocolate cake

Yesterday, we celebrated Rev. B’s 60th birthday in Orange, Texas, where Tracie P grew up, on the Lusiana [sic] border. All the Johnson and Branch families were there, all the children, the Croakers and even the Manascos were there, too.

Mrs. B made homemade chili for DELICIOUS chili dogs and all the fixings for perfectly sized hamburger patties.

Tracie P made what everyone said was the BEST chocolate cake ever (and it was), now our official family chocolate cake recipe (if you’re real nice, maybe I could be convinced to share the recipe).

Jason M’s key lime pie — made with 20 key limes — was pretty spectacular, too. He made it fresh, just for us. It was rich in flavor but wonderfully light in mouthfeel. If you saw all those tattoos on Jason, the thought of him holding a pastry syringe doesn’t immediately come to mind. But man, that dude has a way with whipped cream!

Happy, happy birthday Rev. B! Know that we love you a lot and that I couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law… :-)

Did you know that Rev. B is a blogger, too?

Happy fourth of July, ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Rev. B’s birthday and the BEST chocolate cake

  1. Hi Jeremy, It certainly does look like a great birthday party, and YES just look at Tracie P’s fantastic cake .

    I would love to see the photo of the tattooed Jason, just so that I can get the picture :-)

    I am sure your father-in-law had a brilliant birthday.

  2. Okay Jeremy, you will have to admit that the cake was totally awesome!,, and I was totally happy with my birthday party. A great cake some great key lime pie and good burgers and dogs. Just imagine hearing my best southern drawl when I say “it jest don’t git no betern thet”. Surrounded with family and friends is the best way ever to spend the day. Thanks for being apart of the day and the family.

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