Debut of my new band THE GRAPES (and New England giant bluefin tuna)

From the “man cannot live by wine alone” department…

Above: The Grapes, me on guitar and vox, Andrew Harvey drums, John Yelenosky guitar and vox, and Jon Erickson bass and vox. We’ll be playing our first gig in La Jolla on Thursday July 8.

We named our new country-rock band “The Grapes” after the legendary Liverpool pub where the Beatles used to hang out (Vinogirl can verify this).

We’ll be performing for the first time at one of my favorite sushi restaurants in the world, Zenbu in La Jolla on Thursday July 8.

Above: When I visited Zenbu the other night, owners Matt and Jackie Rimel (high school friends of mine) shared some lightly seared New England giant blue fin tuna belly with me. All of the fishes are fished individually by harpoon, Matt told me, so as not to harm dolphins. Matt is one of the most interesting dudes I know in the restaurant business and has hunted and fished and surfed all over the world. Zenbu is a unique sushi experience. Tracie P and me love it.

We’ll be bringing a little country music to the Pacific Coast with some tunes by Willie Nelson, Doug Sahm and the Tex Mex Trip, Gram Parsons (de rigueur), and some rockers like Tony Joe White’s Polk Salad Annie.

I hope you can join us. There might even be some interesting bottles of wine being opened that night!

In other news…

Did I mention that I’ve wanted to be a cowboy all my life? Found this photo while visiting mama Judy in La Jolla over the weekend (taken at Hebrew school in Chicago).

11 thoughts on “Debut of my new band THE GRAPES (and New England giant bluefin tuna)

  1. Nice kippah….. Cool web site
    psyched to jam AND for anyone reading this “I will bring it on drums that night …Don’t miss it!


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  3. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
    Don’t let ’em pick guitars and drive them old trucks
    Make ’em be doctors and lawyers and such

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
    They’ll never stay home and they’re always alone
    Even with someone they love

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  5. @Skippy man, I am very psyched to rock out with you!

    @Tracie P hopefully this won’t be the last one! I’m going to print out that photo to show to Melvin this weekend so he’ll know how much that cowboy hat means to me.

    @Alfonso yeah, both my brothers are lawyers.

    @Vinogirl don’t you know that in show biz we don’t say “g*&% l%$#”? we say MERDE! ;-)

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