Sneaking Saignée de Sorbée into the best little honkytonk in Texas

From the “it sure is good to be back in Texas” department…

ginny's little longhorn

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon (Austin, Texas) was literally overflowing with bodies yesterday for Chicken Shit Bingo and Dale Watson.

ginny's dogs

Folks were there for the music, the bingo, and of course, the free chili dogs — “Ginny Dogs” as the song goes.

We like to sit out back, where folks gather round in lawn chairs and listen to the music through speakers Ginny’s got out there.

Alfonso and SO Kim were in town and so we snuck the most amazing bottle of Champagne into Ginny’s (given to us for our wedding by one of the nicest people I know in the wine business, Scott. Thanks again, man! You R O C K!): the Saignée de Sorbée by Vouette et Sorbée, “one of the most original wines in all of Champagne,” to borrow a phrase from one of the leading Champagne writers on our planet.

Jeremy Parzen

You’re not supposed to bring wines to Ginny’s but Ginny has a soft spot for Tracie P (it’s not hard to understand why!).

The Saignée de Sorbée may not be for everyone, but, man, it is simply so unbelievably good. So drinkable, so gorgeously fruity (think boysenberry), with alcohol, gentle tannin, and food-friendly acidity singing in four-part harmony like an old-fashioned love song. Please read Peter’s exquisite write-up of this wine. We had the 2006 (“R06”), disgorged in February 2009.

Back at the ranch, Tracie P whipped up some bucatini with tuna bottarga that Alfonso brought back from his recent, amazing trip to Sicily.

Life certainly could be worse… It sure is good to be back in Texas…

8 thoughts on “Sneaking Saignée de Sorbée into the best little honkytonk in Texas

  1. Thanks, Scott, for the great bubbly!

    And thanks Tracie for the great pasta and of course Jeremy, for the wine, women and song!

    It sure us great being back home

  2. Always glad to see folks breaking down the barriers between high and low cuisine, though those categories ebb and flow against each other over time.

    I’ve got to say, as a big fan of chili dogs, even made with pristine kosher all-beef dogs and homemade chili, or cheap red skins full of embarrassing pig parts topped with a can of Wolf Brand, I’ve never really found a good wine match.

    Here’s hoping you’ll find the magic confluence at some point, Professore, and please let me know if you do.

  3. jason–they put a piece of plywood on top of the pool table with bingo grid drawn in marker. then they put a cage on top, a chicken inside, they feed it…you can imagine the rest. they take bets on “numbers” and the lucky winner is announced in song by dale watson.

    2B–it reminded me of the that first time we went to ginny’s together. maybe the 4th or 5th date? and that wine under the hot sun was a perfect bucketful of berries. love you :x

  4. I’m so glad you guys dug it. I was surprised at how much deep, pristine red fruit was packed into it – so many naturally produced wines just hit the spot on a level that only they can. Cool Champagne. The pasta looks incredible!!!

  5. Hi Jeremy.. thanks for for your lovely comment, yep gorgeous flowers, pleased you liked my photos too!

    I love the pasta dish, so easy and yet soooo tasty, well done to Tracie P for whipping it up :-) looks like a good time was had by alll !!!!

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