Scenes from a Saturday in Brooklyn

Yesterday, I took Tracie P on a tour of “my” Brooklyn…

That’s me with Francesco Buffa owner of Ferdinando’s in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, one of my favorite restaurants in the world.

Tracie P often teases me that when I’m around New Yorkers I start to talk with a New York accent. When I’m Brooklyn? Fuhgeddaboudit (I even found myself saying “you twos”).

That the vasteddu, the Palermitan spleen sandwich served at Ferdinando’s.

I’ve got a special post planned for next week on Francesco and the culinary legacy that his excellent restaurant represents.

grower champagne

Can anyone guess where we took this photo of this superb bottle of Champagne by Lassaigne? I’ve got one hint for you: the owner of that table likes Champagne (and he’s got one of the palates, to borrow Cory’s phrase, I admire most in this here enoblogospher).

More on our lovely visit and the wines we tasted together coming up…

Tracie P and I visited Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope (where I used to live way back when), and, de riguer, the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was such a beautiful Saturday afternoon in May and I just felt like I fell in love with her all over again…

Thanks, Tracie P, for let me share “my Brooklyn” with you… I love you.

10 thoughts on “Scenes from a Saturday in Brooklyn

  1. Spleen sandwich?

    Are you just trying to goad me out of my troglodytian sanctuary, or awaking me from a self-imposed jet-lag stupor?

    Do you want to tell the story?

    So be it. Let it be dueling spleen sandwich stories, amigo. Looks like you’ve thrown down the gauntlet ;^)

  2. hey ya’ll… yes, BrooklynGuy, of course! He and BrooklynLady and BrooklynFamily we were so generous to us and we tasted another great wine as well… I’ll post on our visit when I have more time… too slammed today! thanks for all the comments… I really love our community of bloggers and how we share and help one another… ain’t that what it’s all about? more later!

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