The monkey drinks the wine and gets dessert.

Above: I FINALLY got to taste one of the Cornelissen wines from Mt. Aetna in the home of total strangers, the lovely Lars and Kelly of Chicago, the other night! That’s the Susucaru, a field blend, as it were, of red and white grapes. Utterly delicious… Bibulously Yours brought that bottle.

Your probably wondering about the title of today’s post. It comes from a promise. A promise made in Chicago to Lars and Kelly’s sleeping twins.

I promised them that I would use their translation of the anisette poster (left) that resides in their bathroom as the title of this post: “The monkey drinks the wine and gets dessert.” As an accomplished translator of Italian with a doctorate in Italian and a few university press titles under my belt, I wholly endorse their rendering of the text into English.

Let me explain.

You see, wine blogging — despite all of the haters’s attempts to ruin it for everyone else — is really about bringing like-minded, nice folks together. And that’s exactly what happened the other day when Bibulously Yours (a Chicago wine blogger and wine lover whom I’d never met and with whom I trade emails and notes occasionally) wrote me the other day saying, “Welcome [to Chicago], and congrats on the new gig. Hope you’re having a nice trip. I’m sure you’re busy with work, but please let me know if you have any spare time while you’re here. I would love to meet up for a drink.”

Above: 1998 Valpolicella by Quintarelli. Lars got it on a close out and it showed splendidly. Do you ever say no to Quintarelli?

Since Bibulously’s son was ill that evening, we ended up in the home of his lovely friends Lars and Kelly who so graciously invited me to their home and so generously opened fantastic bottles of wine for me to taste with them. As it turns out, Lars and Kelly and I have a great deal in common since we have all been involved in the indy music scene and Lars even saw my old band play once in Detroit!

Above: This 500 ml bottle of 2002 Radikon Ribolla was opened at what might have been the perfect moment in its evolution, although I would guess it still has many years ahead of it. Brilliant wine. Simply brilliant.

Honestly, I was so thrashed from 3 days of eating way too much food and way too many tastings and meetings that I was entirely stoked to just hang out with the coolest folks, drink awesome wine, nibble on cheese and salame, and just shoot the shit and laugh my ass off.

As Anthony said the other day, I wish folks would stop drinking the “hatorade.” THIS IS WHAT WINE BLOGGING SHOULD BE ABOUT. Sharing wines, sharing experiences, learning and giving, having fun, and fueling our curiosity and minds with interesting wines and enriching our hearts with generosity and kindness.

Above: Bibulously’s wife stayed home with their kid. But she sent over this excellent savory cake. She said “the cake was plain and simple,” Bibulously wrote me the day after, “olive oil and preserved oranges.” It was off-the-charts delicious.

Everyone who knows me knows that I rarely eat desert. I was chubby as a kid and so I only eat desert when I REALLY LOVE it.

That night in Chicago, the monkey drank the wine and he got desert, too!

Thanks again, Nathan, Lars, and Kelly. You guys R O C K! And thanks for reminding me what it’s all about

8 thoughts on “The monkey drinks the wine and gets dessert.

  1. Given the posts I have been reading today, something positive was refreshing.
    Now where can I get that poster? I’m sure K could come up with her own amusing translation.

  2. @Amy thanks for stopping by. I know at least one of the negative posts you’re talking about. What a jerk, that guy! There’s been a lot of negativity floating around the enoblogosphere lately but the haters can’t keep us down! I’m sure Lars will weigh in with the provenance of the poster. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey, hey, Dr J! Congrats on the new gig. I look forward to seeing you when you’re in NY.

    ps – who doesn’t love a Quintarelli?

  4. Jeremy… It was our pleasure to share some wine and good times with you. So glad you were able to stop by on your whirlwind windy city tour. Thanks again for the kind words.

    As for where we got the poster, I asked Kelly and she said probably on closeout at Michael’s (the art/craft supply store). And, I swear, we don’t buy everything on closeout!

  5. Jeremy,

    I’ve got that chimpanzee/anisette ad on a little refrigerator magnet. It came with a calendar I had last year featuring classic European liquor ads. My roommate hates it because it reminds her of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. I try to explain that chimps are apes, not monkeys, but that doesn’t help. ;)


  6. I’ve drunk many a time with the Lars and the Kelly, and they are both champion oenophiles and hosts. In fact, I just shared a bottle of one of the Cornelissen wines with them in NYC. It was indeed lust-worthy.

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