Scenes from an orange wine dinner

Tracie P and I had a blast at the orange wine dinner last night, at Vino Vino in Austin, where I poured and spoke about the wines. Life could be worse… Here are some “scenes from an orange wine dinner” for your virtual and vicarious enjoyment… Photos by Tracie P…

movia puro

Got it all going with a little bit of 2000 Puro by Movia, disgorged tableside (not really an orange wine, but a great place to start).

paolo bea

The first three wines were all by the hand of Giampiero Bea. Man, the Arboreus was outta sight… and I always love the Santa Chiara. The Coenobium, always a go-to for us.

gary clark jr

Shared a little Lunar by Movia with B3 player Mike Flanigin and Gary Clark Jr., who played later that night. Man, only in Austin: killer orange wine followed by some of the most insane blues musicians I’ve ever heard… I’m not shittin’ you, either…

lewis dickson

I was geeked to taste with Lewis Dickson, arguably the best winemaker in Texas and probably the only one who uses native yeast and a natural approach to winemaking.

seared flounder

Chef Esteban’s cooking was OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING last night. Seared flounder with purée of English peas. For the complete menu, click here.


I had a second glass of the 2005 Vodopivec Vitovska. Man, I dig that wine.


No, that’s not old man piss. It’s GRAVNER (2003 Ribolla Gialla Anfora)!

8 thoughts on “Scenes from an orange wine dinner

  1. Sounds like an incredible night- these are my favorites. I’d love to see the Movia Puro “disgorge” on video! Did you do it underwater or just into a cup? We’re getting together with a couple of great old friends this weekend on the coast just south of SF for some luxury camping and I’m bringing the wine. (I’ve been pondering the wine selections for two weeks now). Movia Puro is the first thing I’m pulling out!

  2. First uni-free orange wine menu I’ve seen in a while. It’s almost refreshing. ;-)

    More and more, they’re becoming my wine of choice with the cheese course, which I always found a problematic wine match at any n > 2. The beauty of it is that they’re white wines with the cheeses that need white wines, reds with those that need red, and dense enough for blues. Quite a trick.

  3. Thanks for the link. The one time I’ve had the Puro we didn’t know about the disgorging and drank it cloudy. It was delicious!

  4. What a line up, Vodopivecs Vitovska, Beas Santa Chiara and Movias Puro were among the best and most interesting wines I had last years. The other two wines from Beas and Gravners Ribolla are topping my list of wines to try and you had them all in one night.

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  6. Hey!

    I love the Vodopivec. The 2005 was spectacular. The one you tasted, with the orange stripe, is the amphora version. So cool.. do you have some tasting notes on it?
    Would be nice to compare


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