Denis Lin, one of the coolest cats, and the best tajerin

Chinese wine writer Denis Lin was one of the coolest cats I met on this trip. He draws the label of many of the wines he tastes in his tasting book. “This way, I don’t get drunk,” he said. His drawings are amazing.

One of the cool things about Barbera Meeting was the folks I met from all over the world. There were a lot of Asian buyers and writers here…

Denis, above, is currently in talks to appear in the sequel to The Barbera 7, scheduled release 2011, working title: The Barbera 8.

In other news…

The best tajerin I’ve ever had.

At Ristorante Antica Torre in Barbaresco with Gaia Gaja.

Thanks again, Gaia, for an unforgettable meal, from The Barbera 7! :-)

Ristorante Antica Torre
Via Torino, 64
12050 Barbaresco
0173 63 51 70

Highly recommended…

5 thoughts on “Denis Lin, one of the coolest cats, and the best tajerin

  1. Dear Jeremy,
    Thanks! And you are the coolest I met in Asti.
    Hope next time you can teach me some Medieval Italian poets!

    Keep in touch & keep cool,


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