Bolly and NJ pizza: who could want for more?

Tracie B and I are going to have a hard time topping the wedding guest welcome gifts left for us by betrothed Eileen and Greg. When we arrived last night at 2 a.m. to our hotel in West Orange, NJ, we found a chilled bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvée (the official wine of the band that both Greg and I play in, Nous Non Plus) waiting in our room. Today, as we are primping for the wedding and I am practicing the Beatles songs I am to perform during the ceremony, Tracie B ordered peperoni pizza and broccoli raab from Enzo’s in West Orange and we popped the cork on that bottle. Who could want for more? (A funny thing: Tracie B grew up in West Orange, Texas. No genuine Italian-American pizza there!)

We’re really looking forward to the wedding tonight and celebrating with Eileen and Greg!

5 thoughts on “Bolly and NJ pizza: who could want for more?

  1. @Anthony thanks for the mazel: but please save it for January! ;-) That’s when we’ll be getting married. :-)

    @Adrian next your gonna ask for Martha My Dear!!! I can play nearly the entire 2nd side of the White Album by heart!

    @Vinogirl one of these days we need to connect you with the Battles in San Diego. Frank used to manage a pub that the Beatles frequented although his brother told me their favorite pub was called “the Grape,” yes, the Grape! Does Thud remember it? My friend Jon Heagle and I did instrumental versions of Blackbird and Here, There, and Everywhere for the procession and march and then I sang I Want to Hold Hour Hand for the recessional. At the reception, after we played a Nous Non Plus song, we did Eight Days a Week.

  2. To hell with Thud :) Started drinking there (The Grapes, on Mathew St) myself when I was 16. It was the closest pub to ‘Eric’s’, the legendery punk club (saw the Talking Heads there, with Dire Straits as there support band, in 1979…good times).

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