Good wines and good times with Kermit Lynch in Nashville

rick vito

Above: Last night at Kermit’s event, where I emceed, I got to hang out and chat with GUITAR HEROES George Marinelli, center, and Rick Vito. It just blows my mind to think how many hit songs these guys have played on. Top session bassist Michael Rhodes was there, too (see below).

Wow, what a week it’s been! On Monday, I presented Kermit Lynch and Ricky Fataar and we spun their new record at Vino Vino in Austin. Tuesday night I taught the last class in my series of Italian wine seminars at the Austin Wine Merchant (“Italian Wine and Civilization,” my favorite class, where we read from Italian literature and history and taste relevant wines), and then last night I emceed for Kermit again in Nashville. I can barely catch my breath…

Above: Guests were greeted last night with this fantastic sparkler, Vin du Bugey-Cerdon, a blend of Gamay and Poulsard from the Jura. It weighs in at an ethereal 8% alcohol. I loved it.

There were SO MANY famous musicians at Kermit’s listening party last night. Seems they all like hanging out with the ol’ man and drinking his vino. And who can blame them? But of all the amazing players who showed up for the event, the dude I was most geeked to meet was George Marinelli. He’s played on countless hit records but he was the guy who played on Billy Vera’s 1981 live album (recorded at the Roxy in LA) that included the hits “I Can Take Care of Myself” and “At This Moment.” I never saw George play with Billy but I used to go see Billy Vera and the Beaters play every month at At My Place in West LA when I was a freshman in college at UCLA in 1985-86. Billy’s album By Request, which features George on guitar, is still one of my all-time favorite albums (if you ever ride around the streets of Austin you might hear me and Tracie B blasting “Millie, Put on Some Chili” in the car!). Billy’s number 1 hit “At This Moment”? It’s ALL ABOUT the harmonics that George plays at the end of the song… wow… can’t believe I drank a glass of 1998 Vieux Telegraphe with that dude!

wine shoppe at green hills

Above: Ed Fryer, owner of the Wine Shoppe at Green Hills, brought a 3-liter of 1998 Vieux Telegraphe. Man, I like the way that dude rolls!

I’ve got many more tales to tell from Nashville, including some thoroughly delicious and truly authentic Neapolitan pizza we ate last night (Tracie B would have approved). I’m stuck all morning working at my computer this morning at my hotel but I’m taking the afternoon off and heading over to the Country Music Hall of Fame and I might just do me some honkytonking down on Broadway before I get on that plane and head back to my lovely lady in Austin.

Above: That’s bass player Michael Rhodes center. When you shake that dude’s hand you are shaking PURE GOLD (I’m not kidding: click the link).

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Good wines and good times with Kermit Lynch in Nashville

  1. Jeremy:

    Thanks for hangin’ out in Nashville. What an absolute BLAST! It better not be the last time you’re here! Great job on the mic last night.

    It’s 10:17 pm CST. I’m just now finally able to fully see the computer screen.

    Thanks to you, sir, Kermit, Gail, Michael, Ricky and my best drinking buddy John Brittle for bring the VT CdP 97, 98 and 2000! Excellent, excellent time.

  2. Hey Jeremy, after jamming yesterday in Ricky’s studio we relaxed over a bottle of Marcel Lapierre Morgon and talked about our satisfying trip to Austin TX and Nashville TN, music cities, and making pretty good progress on the food and wine scene, too. We can’t wait to get back to Austin, maybe do a live show like we did here in the bay area at The Great American Music hall. The audience was seated at tables for a series of wine and food courses, then, well, I had flown in my band from Nashville, and we hit the stage after a hilarious intro from Alice Waters. The band was in a groove and the joint was rockin. It was my first live show in decades and I was afraid I’d be afraid, but no, when Rick Vito started the slide guitar intro to Slim Harpo’s Late Last Night, it was impossible to think of anything but singing the song loud and clear. When everyone was up and dancing, I remember thinking, Well, at least they’re not just sitting there looking at me. My two passions go together, I learned, because if you get the crowd wined up on good wine before you hit the stage, they are ready to rock. Anyway, thanks again for being my Charlie Rose at the two CD release parties for Man’s Temptation. I discovered some beautiful souls in Austin. And one resto you didn’t mention that I loved in Nashville was the Margot Cafe and Bar. The food was great, the service as good as it gets, and we even found a bottle of Raveneau on their wine list. Here’s to you, Kermit

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