The whole worlds speaks (indigenous) Italian


Above: Where does one take one of the greatest winemakers of Burgundy for lunch? City Meat Market in Giddings, Texas, of course! That’s Étienne de Montille (left) and John Winthrop owner of Veritas Imports enjoying some smoked sausage in Giddings yesterday. It’s been fascinating traveling with Étienne and hearing him talk about his wines, biodynamic farming, sexual confusion, and whole cluster fermentation. More on that later…

It seems the whole world speaks indigenous Italian these days: check out this article published yesterday by Bloomberg on the growing interest for indigenous Italian grape varieties in the U.S. (with a quote from you-know-who).

Seems a lot of folks have San Francisco and its love of European wines on their minds: check out Eric’s post here and SF native John Bonné’s post, where he asks “do our wine lists ignore California?”

I’ve got to hit the road again today with Étienne but stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “The whole worlds speaks (indigenous) Italian

  1. Read all three articles…Bonne is not usually my favorite wine writer, geeks out a bit too much, but did well here. If I remember correctly, the Bloomberg article focused mainly on Piemonte varietals, pelaverga and timorasso. But the great thing is a major media outlet (does Bloomberg count?) is catching on to a great wine story. And I think the world of what Ceri does w/Biondivino.

  2. Great picture! Can we get your permission to put it up in our restaurant? Thank you for trying our restaurant, and please come back. We appreciate your business!!

    The Pit Boss & Crew
    City Meat Market
    Giddings, TX

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