Nebbiolo Super Freak: gulf oysters and Produttori del Barbaresco


It’s a very kinky pairing/the kind you don’t bring home to mother…

In Italian you say, ti tolgo il saluto, literally, I withdraw my greetings from you.

I imagine that’s what Franco will say to me tomorrow at the Vini Veri tasting when he learns that Tracie B and I paired Nebbiolo with oven-fired gulf oysters last night.

Since I moved to Texas last year, gulf oysters have become something of an obsession. I’ve always been a fan of the mollusk but I never thought the shucked shellfish of New York and Long Island could be beat. That lasted until I tasted my first gulf oyster in New Orleans last month.

Above: Coalminer Mark, aka Mark Sayre, aka “the best sommelier in Austin” serves 2007 Langhe Nebbiolo by Produttori del Barbaresco by the glass at happy hour at Trio, the excellent steakhouse in the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin. The wine list is killer, the comfort food appetizers menu is yummy, the prices are right, and the valet parking is FREE! Run, don’t walk.

The 2007 harvest in Langa was a classic vintage and will potentially be a great one, probably similar to 96, 01, and 04 in its profile. The 2007 Langhe Nebbiolo by Produttori del Barbaresco was showing handsomely last night and I cannot conceal that I am ENTIRELY geeked someone in Austin is doing it by-the-glass at a happy hour price. Wine director Coalminer Mark of the Four Seasons and the San Diego Kid might just have to bury the hatchet.

Above: Tracie B’s boss Jon Gerber served raw gulf oysters at his annual “Shuck and Suck Crawfish Boil,” a yearly blow-out party, benefiting Habitat for Humanity.

Nebbiolo and spicy, oven-fired gulf oysters? An unconventional pairing to say the least, but the freshness of the Langhe Nebbiolo and its lighter body and acidity was delightful with savory oyster and chorizo that adorned its silky surface. Hey, Franco, call me a Super Freak… ;-) I’ll see you tomorrow in Isola della Scala.

In other news…

The Italian wine trade fairs start today and I’m about to get on a plane for Venice. Stay tuned: next post from Italia…

8 thoughts on “Nebbiolo Super Freak: gulf oysters and Produttori del Barbaresco

  1. i’ve become, at your urging Jeremy, a fan of Prod del Barb. The only time I’ve had a bottle that I didn’t like was this wine you’re discussing now, the 07 Lange Neb. I found it to be overripe and out of balance. The 06 I liked, this one, not for me. Maybe I just needed to have it with gulf oysters…

  2. brooklynguy–maybe you had a shady bottle? ’07 was especially tannic, in a too young kind of way, but not to my palate, overripe. i didn’t have the the oysters and i still thought it was lovely!

    i will say that i’ve noticed bottle variation in the past, maybe you could give our little guy another chance!

  3. Ooh–this is interesting. Unlike you, I am not a fan of the gulf oyster, at least not the ones I’ve had in New Orleans the few times I’ve been there. I wanted to like them as much as the NY/LI and pacific northwest versions, but I just couldn’t. Do I need to come to Texas to see the light?

    Though Tracie B. misses you, we are happy to have you over here on our side of the ocean, even if we don’t get to see you. It’s nice just knowing DoBianchi is on the continent.

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