A Higher Authority (Brunello needs one)

Above: I watched a live “streaming,” as they say in Italian, of the heated Brunello debate today in Siena. That’s moderator and anthropology prof Dino Cutolo (left), Franco (center), and Teobaldo Cappellano, producer of one my favorite Barolos.

Sparks flew and and tempers flared at the Brunello debate today in Siena. Fascist, capitalist pig Ezio Rivella and his crony and brown-noser Vittorio Fiore faced off with the forces of good: Franco Ziliani and Teobaldo Cappellano. I’ll post my observations and thoughts about the debate soon (I have other pressing issues to attend to today) but you can read my cut-and-dry report at VinoWire.

Does it show that I’m pissed?

The arrogance of Rivella was only rivaled by the colorful remarks by Fiore that “it is not as if we need to make Kosher wine. Israelis make Kosher wines but there are Jews who will pay 200 or 300 Euros for those wines. We don’t need to be so stringent in our winemaking,” he said.

I think that Brunello needs a higher authority. Remember the ad below?

One thought on “A Higher Authority (Brunello needs one)

  1. Gee, Jeremy, one is shocked. “Fascist, capitalist pig”? Tell us how you really feel. Keep that sort of language up and you’ll be expelled from this Great Land of Ours. (NB: Every post 1980 office park looks like EUR. QED.)

    Fiore = Bloom. An authority, earthly of course, on Kosher wine and all matters Jewish. Gut yontiv, Vic.

    You should really start posting comments on wonkette, it’s very cathartic.

    I await your screed.

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