Back in the studio: good music, bad food, and some kick-ass wine

Just added: Nous Non Plus will be performing at Bordello in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, June 20 with fellow French rockers Tour de France. June 21, daytime show at the the Alliance Française in San Francisco (details to follow).

Nous Non Plus recently headed back into the studio to finish work on our upcoming release (working title, “Nous Non Plus: Deux,” fall 2008). Engineer and wine lover Bryan Cook manned the dials at Kingsize Studio Sound Labs in Eagle Rock, CA (check out the studio’s site… it’s kinda cool).

When you’re in the studio, you’re working hard (usually 10-12 hour days) and you don’t really have a lot of great food options (the section of Eagle Rock where we recorded looked like a scene out of the Lethal Weapon franchise). We did make some groovy music and we managed to drink well.

Tradition dictates that food writing should be positive… that we should write only about good food. But in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, even when the music is great, the food usually sucks.

Here’s a little photo essay of our session…

Bad: reheated Mexican food.

Bad: flavorless Thai food… hey, you know, sometimes you have to eat cause you’re hungry!

Good… actually, very good: 32-channel Neve 8068. Man, that desk sounds warm and rich…

Good: early 1980s Fender Super Reverb and Fender Champ (I believe they were post-1982 since that was the year that Fender started making them again). I also played through the Supro behind the Champ. When you turn those little amps up to 10 they sound fantastic.

Fun: the guitar selection at Kingsize is colorful… among other axes employed on this record, the Gretsch G1626 Synchromatic Silver Sparkle Jet with f-hole (second from right) sounded awesome on some of the more rocking numbers. It was made for only a few years and now is almost impossible to find. The main guitar I played was my custom John Carruthers “Johnny Rivers” model telecaster. Also played a beautiful vintage Fender Jazzmaster with tremolo.

Excellent: 1982 Salomon library selection Riesling was off-the-charts delicious.

Nice performance: Jean-Luc Retard (aka Dan, bass, vox) opens a bottle of one of NNP’s officially favorite wines, Movia Puro Rosé. In the photo, Dan is disgorging the sediment from the bottle in a sink full of water (the plates and cups on the bottom served as a stopper for the drain; Kingsize is a great studio but the plumbing is, let’s say, creative).

Hits the spot: after the wine is disgorged, it’s totally clear.

Good company, bad food: from left, our friend Joachim Cooder, Céline, Bryan, and Jean-Luc and I “grind out” on some mediocre Mediterranean.

3 thoughts on “Back in the studio: good music, bad food, and some kick-ass wine

  1. ciao amico!
    i need to add something redeeming to this culinary fiasco you just described: after you left, when dan and i were doing vox, we decided to try out the little mexican stand by the deli around the corner and WHOA! probably the BEST (i swear, and dan will back me up) super fresh homemade tacos and quesadillas EVER, i mean, my mouth is watering just thinking about that chix ques, marinated in some ancient mexican secret recipe, MAN. the guy made my tortilla from SCRATCH right before my eyes: a ball of dough (size of a baseball) that he flattened out in one move in between these 2 hinged thick wooden boards. YUMMY GOODNESS. only drawback: took some time — but well worth it. took so long in fact, that a dude who had stopped by to panhandle got fed up and left the scene before i could give him the promised change from my food transaction! i guess time is still money…
    dan got some insane mini corn tacos. great. now i want to go back!
    hope you’re well!
    un abbraccio!

  2. Ciao bellissima! I am so bummed I missed the homemade tortillas!

    We’ll have to return to Kingsize for more recording and more culinary adventures…

    Really looking forward to our new album as well…

    Abbraccione, J

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