The bottle that started it all…

Above: the bottle that started it all… a 1968 Barolo by Scanavino got Alice Feiring interested in wine more than twenty years ago. She’s kept it all this time…

Wednesday evening of last week led me to the home of wine writer and blogger Alice Feiring for a preview party for her new book, The Battle for Wine and Love: or How I Saved the World from Parkerization (Harcourt). A group of magazine editors and other guests tasted ten wines blind and Alice talked about the genesis of her book and her fierce love for natural wine.

In the second flight of wines (five bottlings, each made with Syrah), she included a Yellow Tail Shiraz: it was striking to see the guests — most of them lifestyle as opposed to wine writers — experience that moment of enlightenment when they tasted naturally made Syrah side-by-side with one of the most industrial wines available on the market today.

Alice is known by many in the wine world as one of the most skeptical and cynical writers on the scene but she spoke that evening of what she calls “the golden age of wine making.”

“There’s a lot of bad, spoofilated wine out there,” she told the group, emphasizing the term that wine-folks use to denote “spoofed” or “tricked out” wine. “But there is also more good wine produced than at any other time in history.”

Let’s hope she’s right…

Look for the book in May, 2008…

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