When this man is not writing screenplays, he’s wine blogging

When our friend Howard isn’t writing screenplays or composing poems to recite at our wedding (glass of Bolly rosé in hand), you can often find him tasting and discussing wine at his (and my) favorite wine bar in LA, where he and I have spent many an eve discussing the epistemological implications in the nuanced semiosis of a bottle of Cascina Francia by Giacomo Conterno (1998 was the last one we opened together).

He’s even been known to wine blog now and then, like this wonderful post he did today for a film promotion (click on the images to read his wine and cinema pairings).

Chapeau bas, comrade Howard! I will raise a glass to you tonight as I quote my favorite passage from Gramsci!

8 Responses to When this man is not writing screenplays, he’s wine blogging

  1. Alfonso says:

    great read – did you ever post Howard’s poem he recited on your wedding day?

  2. And this LA girl would like to know which favorite wine bar?

  3. Benito says:

    Cool stuff! Tell him I loved “Joe Gould’s Secret”.

  4. tracie p says:

    howard–that was such an amazing toast! most unique, ever :)

  5. Do Bianchi says:

    @Alfonso I wish we could get Howard to share it but he says he did it from memory that day… What an amazing moment that was! :-)

    @Samantha we NEED to hang there: Lou of course!

    @Benito Howard rocks, big time… but the best part of being his friend are the jokes he tells! great palate the man has…

    @Tracie P I love that photo and I love you… what a great memory…

  6. Thanks for putting me on to Howard – very cool slideshow of movies and wine pairing – thought and soul provoking. Will be checking out his writing from now on.

  7. Had a sinking suspicion that it was Lou. Have not been there enough but loved it the two times I was. Hit me up next time you are in town, would love to hang with ya!

  8. Wonderfull picture :)

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