Things NOT to say to a wine professional

Over at the Facebook, my status yesterday (“please do not say BABY BRUNELLO!”) elicited a lot of comments. Here’s what folks had to say. (Check out the thread on the analogous post as well.)

Lyle Fass Nor bojo, nor moose, nor ducster, nor good juice.

Jeremy Parzen my biggest pet peev? SANGIO UGH!

Tracie Branch Parzen lyle–i hate it when people refer to wine as ‘juice.’ i hear it WAY too much in the wine business!

Sean Beck Even if I say it in a cute voice”?

Josh Cross What about big boy ripasso? Is it a valpolicella thing?

Rebecca Rapaszky We dress our bottles of rosso in diapers and bonnets, then lovingly tickle their labels.

Adrian Reynolds It’s a Cali thing to abbreviate grape varietals, and I agree it’s a little tacky…Cab/Zin/Chard etc. Juice slingers are my pet peeve.

Rebecca Rapaszky We hear things like “Chevy,” “Richburger” and “Monty” all of the time… :(

Adrian Reynolds I need a thesaurasauros for those last 3…

Kevin Lynch This isn’t meant to sound name-dropy, but… I was interviewing/wine tasting with Franco Biondi-Santi. Another reporter asked: How are your Baby Brunellos selling?

Rebecca Rapaszky Adrian, we hear a lot of name-dropping would-be connoisseurs refer to the great wines of Chevalier-Montrachet, Richebourg and Montrachet that way.

Adrian Reynolds Gotcha :-)…

Joey Campanale agreed, or baby supertuscan for that matter

George Pavlov hate that!

Samantha Dugan can we add Champers to the list…pisses me off that

Michael Housewright ahahahahah! I love it Jar!

DLynn Proctor Tig & Orny & Sass

Rebecca Rapaszky ‎”Billy Fever”

Rebecca Rapaszky ‎(William Fevre)

DLynn Proctor ‎!! Never heard Billy Fever…WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Reynolds Jim Baloney = Giacomo Bologna

Thor Iverson Well, while we’re at it: please don’t use “varietal” when you mean “variety.”

Alfonso Cevola Put “Barolo of the South” on your list while you’re at it.