Coda di Volpe: Italian Grape Name and Appellation Pronunciation Project

With preparation for the arrival of Baby P and work at full speed in the crush of autumn, life’s been a little chaotic lately…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the Italian Grape Name and Appellation Pronunciation Series. And so I was thrilled when Wine State of Mind and Pizzeria Biga mentioned on the Twitter that they’ve found the videos useful.

Yesterday I called one of my favorite Campania producers, Paola Mustilli, and asked her if she’d contribute a few videos. Thanks, again, Paola, for the videos! They’re awesome!

Her Coda di Volpe entry is just the first in a series of Campania grape names she sent me and I decided to post it as the first because I’m still thinking about Coda di Volpe after reading Fringe Wine’s excellent post on the variety.

There’ll be others to come before the Christmas holiday. So please stay tuned and thanks again for speaking Italian grapes!

Buon weekend, yall!